Alexander McQueen Boots and clothes review

Alexander McQueen Boots and clothes review

Alexander McQueen has been a major challenger on the women’s footwear scene for the likes of Jimmy Choo and Christian Louboutin, making some of the finest shoes available today. As a designer, he takes creativity and sophistication from his range of clothes and transfers these characteristics to the women shoes.

It was the latter end of a cultural revolution in 1969 in London when McQueen was born. Mary Quant, a fashion designer, was an influential figure in the fashion revolution at the time. It was the supermodel era, with mini-skirts and hot-pants.

How did he started all

The first step McQueen took on the journey towards success was an internship with tailors from Savile Row. It was, in truth, the skills he acquired on Savile Row during his time that cemented his reputation for creating an impeccably tailored look. McQueen may have left school ill-equipped educationally, but it was his exceptional ability that finally led him to enrol at the art college. He subsequently earned a master’s degree in fashion and design.

Alexander McQueen liked to be in the spotlight. He was the youngest of all his siblings. But from an early age, it was clear that the natural talent of the lad would eventually place him at the forefront. McQueen had one ‘O’ degree to show for his academic success by the time he left school at the age of sixteen. The skill of the teenager to create dresses for his fashion-conscious parents, however, has revealed his flourishing imagination.

As his career began to take off, celebrities started wanting to wear his clothing. Among his clients was David Bowie and McQueen designed the wardrobe for his 1996-1997 tour. Interestingly he directed the music video for one of her songs after designing clothing for singer Bjork. For his knock-out designs, and for other reasons, McQueen was attracting headlines.

His divisive collections on the catwalk and shock tactics won him the title name. The previous shows may have been unorthodox, but it was a runaway success. McQueen’s shows were popular because of a mix of imaginative design, theatre, and fantasy. Many of his creations have become the new ‘must-have’ fashion items.

In 2005, German Sportswear Company Puma and McQueen joined hands to create a revolutionary footwear line. The fusion of his design philosophy and their athletic success has brought the Puma to a new stage. In fact, Puma couldn’t help but be enthusiastic about the product, saying that ‘Alexander McQueen takes puma to a totally unexpected plane with his exploration of urban escapism.’

McQueen died suddenly in 2010, but his creativity lives on. The distinctive style and imagination of McQueen today lives on at McQueen goods in the Puma.

The source of inspiration appears obvious in Alexander McQueen’s collection in Puma. The streamlined shapes, washed-out colours, woven motifs and natural materials recall the English landscape. But any ‘peasant’ or ‘folksy’ images which may come to mind can be discarded instantly. The shoes have not only practicality and elegance but trendy appeal as well. The earthy colours and Britannia stitching impact certain choices in colour.