Alexander McQueen, the ‘Fashionable Boy’

Alexander McQueen, the ‘Fashionable Boy’

Alexander McQueen was born on March 16, 1969, when he died, and was just 40 years old. He had already revealed to the world his special talent and precision in making unusual and exclusive clothes despite his very young age. No one could imagine that when he was just 16 years old, the designer he is today was a dropped out of school way back. By working at Savile Row, this young boy began his unusual passion for traditional tailoring. It is one of central London’s most famous shopping spots, well-known for its excellent men’s clothing.

The fashion world faced a great loss on February 11, 2010, when Alexander McQueen decided to end his life. Lee’s death was due to suicide. It was a rather daring way to end one’s life, but it clearly shows one’s attitude toward even his designs. And the four-time British Fashion Designer of the Year receiver never struggled to shock the world until the very end.

Why he was so famous

Alexander McQueen is a famous British designer. He is not only well-known among the fashion community but is also wildly popular among fashion enthusiasts around the world. With every people on the street to A-list celebrity like actors, singers, and other performers openly proclaiming McQueen as their favourite designer ever.

Also, Alexander McQueen was one of the most well-recognized and highly regarded artists ever seen by England. He was regularly awarded a number of year designer awards for his creativity and innovative fashion collections that pushed the boundaries of what was and could be British fashion forever.

He received this coveted award for the first time in the year 1996 and received it again on three occasions over the years. The last one was in 2003. Also in the same year, he was awarded one of the fashion industry’s highest honours, the year’s international designer prize.

He was gifted with natural talent in tailoring. Lee Alexander McQueen further developed his skills at Anderson and Sheppard during his tender years, and then took up another job at Gieves and Hawkes. Then he set out on another learning journey with Berman and Nathan theatre costumers.

According to McQueen, at the time he was taking his training at Savile Row, an essential part of his skills was established. For his experience in designing fitting clothes, he has given the guys most of the credit.

McQueen was hired when he turned twenty to work with Koji Tatsuno, a Japanese artist whose designs are primarily made from antique materials. The job did not last long, because Lee was taken as an apprentice by another brilliant Italian artist. Romeo Gigli discovered the boy’s potential design concepts in a very short span of time.

He decided to go back to school following a long road of developing his skills and professional experience as a designer. From St. Martin’s College, Mcqueen did his MA, which is widely regarded as the most prestigious fashion school in London.