How to accessorize Skull Scarves like a celebrity with Alexander McQueen

How to accessorize Skull Scarves like a celebrity with Alexander McQueen

No matter the reason, fashion accessories are the secret to looking stylish. Well, selected accessories can transform an old outfit into wonderful stuff. Jewellery, handbags, accessories and scarves are the perfect way to refresh your wardrobe and keep up-to-date.

Celebrities have been setting standards for decades, and are far ahead of the crowd when it comes to accessorizing. Alexander McQueen is an iconic designer, known for making exquisite accessories like his coveted range of scarfs. The skull scarves of Alexander McQueen have been seen on high-profile celebrities including Victoria Beckham, Kate Moss and Kylie Minogue since they debuted on the fashion scene.

Skull scarves

The beauty of skull scarves by Alexander McQueen is that they are the ideal accessory for any season. The designs are timeless and never going to date. The style is loosely worn, wrapped around the neck and above the shoulders. Because of the comfortable style and iconic logo, this scarf is both casual and elegant. You can accessorize anything from a chic mini dress to a simple t-shirt and jeans with your scarf. You may dress it up with a casual outfit, or a dressy outfit.

It is a crocodile clutch with a brown patent. The crocodile leather had the incredible touch of luxury all along. Is it fairly common? You’ll be shocked to turn it around. If you know Alexander McQueen owns this wallet, you’ll know this top fashion house never stops here.

Box clutch

It is the crocodile box clutch of the byzantine queen Alexander McQueen. Most people know Byzantine for its architectural style, which is known for its extensive use of ornamental domes, vivid mosaics, and sumptuous decorations. So far, particularly after you saw the Alexander McQueen handbag’s front face, I bet you know how that name came from.

The bag’s entire front surface has been encrusted with a Byzantine jewel pattern. It lights you up with the front and sides of the burnished-gold studs, ruby-tone stones, and engraved-disk embellishment. It is an opulent style, really. But if you think it’s too much, if you really have an eye for Byzantine jewellery design you’d better think about it.

It is worth noting that all of the sparkles of Byzantine style is brought out by the ruby gems and antique gold-tone. Located in the Byzantine Empire? Besides that, like any other skull clutches from Alexander McQueen, this one also has a skull clasp fastening at the end. And the red crystal eyes, a gold frame and the leather lining are featured here.

Byzantine design gives us an elegant, traditional and graceful feel. And skull gives a special and disturbing connection to sensation. How will those two elements be combined? Ok, Alexander McQueen does exactly that, and it looks amazing.

Alexander McQueen’s death has only made his range of scarfs more desirable than ever. At only 40 years of age, the news of the death of the designer has profoundly impacted many in the fashion industry. Sales of its range of accessories have taken off making it one of the hottest fashion accessories this summer.